District Officer Election Results

Conference, District Officers

District Officer elections were conducted at the District Council Meeting on April 29. The results:

District DirectorKim Goode
Program Quality DirectorWanda Spillers
Club Growth DirectorKelli McDonald
Division A DirectorMonica Tucker
Division B DirectorAlan Sconiers
Division C (was F) DirectorGloria Conaway-Jones
Division D (was C) DirectorLaShawn Pierce
Division E DirectorOpen
Division F (was D) DirectorRon Hicks

District Council Meeting


The next District 77 Council Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at 2:45 p.m. during the Annual Conference. The District Council is made up of the district executive committee (DEC) and the club president and vice president education from each club in the district.

The business meeting of the district council will cover required items as defined in Toastmasters International Policy and Protocol, Protocol 7.1: District Events, 6. District Council Meetings, F. These items are covered in the business meeting agenda.  The district director is also required to submit the leadership committee report to the members of the district council prior to the annual meeting. A copy of the report is available for review on the district website.

These Toastmasters who have volunteered to lead the District for the upcoming year need your VOTE!! If you are a Club President or Club VPE and you are unable to attend, please complete a proxy and delegate another “active” club member to VOTE on your behalf. Both the club and the member have to have current “paid status” in order to vote.

Phil Jackson, DTM
District 77 Director