District Officer Nominations

The District Leadership Committee has nominated the candidates listed below for elected district offices. Floor nominations and elections will be held at the District Council meeting on April 27 at the District 77 Conference

District Director
Kim Goode, DTM
Program Quality Director
Wanda Spiller, DTM
Club Growth Director
Kelli McDonald, DTM
Tamara Hall, ACS, ALB
Division A Director
Monica Tucker, DTM
Matthew Jones, ACS, ALB
Division B Director
Alan Sconier, ACS, ALB
Division C Director
LaShawn Pierce, CC, CL
Division D Director
Division E Director
Division F Director
Gloria Conaway-Jones, DTM

All candidates must adhere to TI Protocol 9.0 when campaigning.

Any qualified member in good standing can run from the floor for an elected office. To do so, a candidate must submit:

The District Leadership Committee is accepting applications from candidates through April 20, 2019 for the following appointed positions.   The incoming District Director will take all candidates under consideration for appointment.

  • Area Directors
  • Finance Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Public Manager

The DLC was chaired by IPDD Tammy Keeley, DTM. The committee members were:

  • Stan Boyd, Division A
  • Dewayne Williams, Division B
  • Freida Luster-Barregarye, Division C
  • Joan Weldy, Divison D
  • Lance Waddy, Division E
  • Ashley Wrencher, Division F

District Council Electronic Meeting

There will be a District Council (DC) electronic meeting on Saturday, Sep. 22 at 3:00. The meeting will be conducted via zoom.

Approval of the District Budget for 2018-2019 is among the agenda items.

The District Council consists of the President and Vice-President of each club. Per TI rules for electronic meetings of the DC, proxies are not permitted. Each member of the DC must cast their own vote.

Voting Procedures Support Doc from TI HQ

TI Adminstrative Bylaws Governing Document Review

Roberts Rules of Order (Unanimous Consent)

District Council Agenda- September 22 2018

District 77 Special Voting Rules for Virtual District Council Meeting

2018-2019 District 77 Budget (Draft 1)

District Officers for 2018-2019

District Director: Phil Jackson, DTM
Program Quality Director: Kim Goode, DTM
Club Growth Director: Wanda Spillers, DTM
Public Relations Manager: June Newton
Administrative Manager: Michele Goodson, CC, ALB
Finance Manager: Wanda Siefke, ACS, ALB

Division Directors
Division A: Kelli McDonald, ACG, ALB
Division B: Tamara Hall, ACS, ALB
Division C: Sancha Howard, ACS, ALB
Division D: Paul McGachey, ACG, ALB
Division E: Randy Newman, ACB, CL
Division F: Leonard Jackson, ACS, ALB

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