District and Club Leaders,

I appreciate the effort you have made for the year. I want all of us to reap the full benefits (Distinguished District) by doing the following:

  • Help your clubs become at least Distinguished. Please have the membership and/or educational awards necessary to achieve this status.
  • Help with getting new clubs. If the new club charters between today and June 30, the new club will receive a customized banner.

We added an extra division to our District. Division B split into two divisions (Division B and F). The main geographical boundary was the I-20 and I-459 intersection. Anything south is Division F and anything north is still Division B.

Since the TLI North was cancelled due to inclimate weather, I decided it was best to email you what I was going to cover for the State of the District speech. The basic outline are the following:
1. What it takes for the District to be Distinguished and where we are
2. What you can do to help yourself and the district at the same time
3. Why is it important for the District to be Distinguished