District and Club Leaders,

I appreciate the effort you have made for the year. I want all of us to reap the full benefits (Distinguished District) by doing the following:

  • Help your clubs become at least Distinguished. Please have the membership and/or educational awards necessary to achieve this status.
  • Help with getting new clubs. If the new club charters between today and June 30, the new club will receive a customized banner.

We added an extra division to our District. Division B split into two divisions (Division B and F). The main geographical boundary was the I-20 and I-459 intersection. Anything south is Division F and anything north is still Division B.

Here is the list of our 2017-18 elected district officers:

  • District Director – Tammy Keeley, ACG, ALB
  • Program Quality Director – Edgar Bork, DTM
  • Club Growth Director – Kim Goode, DTM
  • Division A Director – Earnestine Doubek, DTM
  • Division B Director – Cindy Collier, ACB, ALB
  • Division C Director – Sancha Howard, ACB, ALB
  • Division D Director – Tom Hageman, CC, ALB
  • Division E Director – Dennis Beabout, DTM
  • Division F Director – Ashley Wrencher, DTM

Congratulations to the clubs, which were at least Distinguished since my last email:

  • Circle of Champions
  • Premier Providers
  • ALFA Econchati
  • Trinity
  • SAIC Huntsville

Please take advantage of the Successful Club Series modules. These are good to share for Advanced Leadership Bronze or Advanced Communications Silver. Also, these modules are free to download. The modules can also give valuable information to help your club.

Pathways is slated to come out in 2018 (soonest is probably Jan. or Feb.). Please check out the FAQs on Pathways Toastmasters International. Also, District 57 and District 27 are in Pathways. District 51 is slated for mid May. District 57 website has information regarding Pathways. Some more thing to help you prepare for Pathways:

  • All current members can use Pathways for free if it is online once Pathways rolls out.
  • All members before Pathways rolls out can work on Pathways and the current Toastmasters educational program.
  • A member or the VPE needs to register people for a Pathways path. It is recommended if you have not logged in the Toastmasters website to learn how to do so.
  • I did a Power Point presentation on a speech for Pathways from the Competent Communications manual. I sent the presentation 1-2 months ago. If you need it, please let me know.

I appreciate the work our team has done. Please continue to work to help your clubs succeed and build new clubs.