District Council Electronic Meeting

There will be a District Council (DC) electronic meeting on Saturday, Sep. 22 at 3:00. The meeting will be conducted via zoom. Approval of the District Budget for 2018-2019 is among the agenda items. The District Council consists of the President and Vice-President of each club. Per TI rules for electronic meetings of the DC, … Read moreDistrict Council Electronic Meeting

District Officers for 2018-2019

District Director: Phil Jackson, DTM
Program Quality Director: Kim Goode, DTM
Club Growth Director: Wanda Spillers, DTM
Public Relations Manager: Jeffrey Ward
Administrative Manager: Michele Goodson, CC, ALB
Finance Manager: Wanda Siefke, ACS, ALB

Division Directors
Division A: Kelli McDonald, ACG, ALB
Division B: Tamara Hall, ACS, ALB
Division C: Sancha Howard, ACS, ALB
Division D: Paul McGachey, ACG, ALB
Division E: Randy Newman, ACB, CL
Division F: Leonard Jackson, ACS, ALB

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