District Council Meeting


The next District 77 Council Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at 2:45 p.m. during the Annual Conference. The District Council is made up of the district executive committee (DEC) and the club president and vice president education from each club in the district.

The business meeting of the district council will cover required items as defined in Toastmasters International Policy and Protocol, Protocol 7.1: District Events, 6. District Council Meetings, F. These items are covered in the business meeting agenda.  The district director is also required to submit the leadership committee report to the members of the district council prior to the annual meeting. A copy of the report is available for review on the district website.

These Toastmasters who have volunteered to lead the District for the upcoming year need your VOTE!! If you are a Club President or Club VPE and you are unable to attend, please complete a proxy and delegate another “active” club member to VOTE on your behalf. Both the club and the member have to have current “paid status” in order to vote.

Phil Jackson, DTM
District 77 Director

District Officer Nominations

District Officers

The District Leadership Committee has nominated the candidates listed below for elected district offices. Floor nominations and elections will be held at the District Council meeting on April 27 at the District 77 Conference

District Director
Kim Goode, DTM
Program Quality Director
Wanda Spiller, DTM
Club Growth Director
Kelli McDonald, DTM
Tamara Hall, ACS, ALB
Division A Director
Monica Tucker, DTM
Matthew Jones, ACS, ALB
Division B Director
Alan Sconier, ACS, ALB
Division C Director
LaShawn Pierce, CC, CL
Division D Director
Division E Director
Division F Director
Gloria Conaway-Jones, DTM

All candidates must adhere to TI Protocol 9.0 when campaigning.

Any qualified member in good standing can run from the floor for an elected office. To do so, a candidate must submit:

The District Leadership Committee is accepting applications from candidates through April 20, 2019 for the following appointed positions.   The incoming District Director will take all candidates under consideration for appointment.

  • Area Directors
  • Finance Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Public Manager

The DLC was chaired by IPDD Tammy Keeley, DTM. The committee members were:

  • Stan Boyd, Division A
  • Dewayne Williams, Division B
  • Freida Luster-Barregarye, Division C
  • Joan Weldy, Divison D
  • Lance Waddy, Division E
  • Ashley Wrencher, Division F

Help with April Conference

Conference, Uncategorized

3 February 2019

Fellow Toastmasters,

District 77 Conference, 

Ways of Winners – WOW, 

will be April 26 & 27 (Friday & Saturday).  WOW

The WOW Conference will feature the election of new district officers,
international and humorous speech contests, educations sessions, district
business meeting and special guest speaker Rich Hopkins.

To have a conference for the whole district of over 1000 people we need your
help.   Please volunteer and dedicate some of your time and talents
towards this year’s conference.  Volunteer skills you have or skills you
want to acquire.  We need people (experience with a previous conference
preferred but not required) to chair the following committees.  And we
need people to work with the chairs to accomplish the tasks assigned.  Let
me know ASAP if you are willing to help with this year’s conference

Chairs needed for

  • Credentials

  • Decorations

  • Facilities

  • Information

  • Parade of Banners

  • Photography

  • *Program

  • Publicity

  • *Registration

Chairs who need helpers:

  • Baskets, Donations, Silent Auction Chair – June Newton

  • Candidates Corner Chair.  Allen Prescott

  • Contest Chair – Lillian Cooke

  • Program Ads, Conf Sponsors Chair – Wanda Walker 

Let me or PGD Kim Goode know soonest how you are willing to help make the spring conference a success.  


Sharon K Johnson, DTM

Conference Chair 2019, District 77

Phone:850-830-0897 (C)  850-897-4474(H)

Spring Conference Registration


District Spring Conference: 26-27 Apr
WOW: Ways of Winners

NOTE: last day to get the reduced Conference registration: Feb 28 – $100

Last Day to Book: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 Hotel’s offering special group rate:
Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel for $119 – $129 per night

EVENTBRITE Registration

REGISTRATION FORM – Mail-In form to save $6.08 in fees

Our Keynote Speaker is Rich Hopkins. He has made the finals of the
World Championship of Public Speaking twice, finishing 3rd in 2006. He
will be presenting: Lead Anyway, Effective Pathways Evaluations and
his after dinner keynote speech is “Win Anyway”.

If you would like to make a 45 minute presentation during the
conference please fill out THIS FORM and return it to PQD, Kim
Goode, kimgoode@gmail.com. The deadline for submission is March 10,

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees that make
the conference flow, please contact our conference chair, Sharon
Johnson: sharonkj0897@gmail.com.

Additional activities at the conference include the DTM Walk, Humorous
and International Speech Contest, Candidates Corner, and the District
Council meeting.

Winter TLI Newsletter Review

Toastmasters District 77

December 8, 2018
Winter Training Wrap

By Angela Jackson

Historical Tuskegee University in Alabama was the setting for this year’s winter club officers training. Securing the venue and managing the logistics was accomplished by Distinguished Toastmaster Dr. Constance Hendricks and members of the newly chartered Tuskegee University “Tiger Voices” Toastmasters Club.

Distinguished Toastmaster Kim Goode, District Program Quality Director and coordinator of the event, put on a stunning information-packed training session that left the nearly 75 Toastmasters’ members in attendance wanting more.

Distinguished Toastmaster Phil Jackson, District Director, provided a motivational welcome along with a recap of the district’s status at the half-year point in the Toastmasters’ year. Distinguished Toastmaster Wanda Spillers, Club Growth Director, shared with attendees the great news of the district having currently chartered 4 new clubs with more expected.

The days’ training included registration, a continental breakfast, club officers training, seven Breakout Training Sessions, a catered buffet lunch, and a host of awards and certificates.

During the event, each club officer, like myself, had his/her own officers training along with the opportunity to select various Breakout Sessions presented by some of the district’s top leaders in communications. Two of the sessions I attended included “Building on Achievement for Continued Success” by Division A Director, Kelli McDonald and “How Toastmasters Helped Me” by Toastmaster Alan Sconier. Each session provided a wealth of tips and strategies for creating and maintaining a successful club while reinvigorating the leader inside all of us.

Aside from the “District Trio,” District 77 includes six Division Directors, twenty-one Area Directors and the following staff that is second to none: Michele Goodson, Administration Manager; Wanda Siefke, Finance Manager; June Newton, Public Relations Manager. Together they constitute the District Executive Committee (DEC). They held their 2nd in-person DEC meeting of the year immediately after the Winter TLI.

If you have the opportunity to attend the next Leadership Institute training, I would highly recommend you add it to your calendar. Nothing beats the experience of hanging out with like-minded members on the same path to LEADERSHIP.